Master of Advanced Studies
in Humanitarian Logistics and Management



Aid & Development Africa Summit 2017  provides a comprehensive overview of the latest trends around humanitarian logistics, community health, WASH, security of aid workers and communities, camp management, mobile for development, financing, communication with communities and among aid agencies.

Fondazione del Ceresio is a non-profit organisation founded in April 2004, its aim is to “support non-profit, charitable initiatives in Switzerland and abroad, especially in the fields of education, culture, science, medicine, development and humanitarian aid.”

The Humanitarian Logistics Organization (HLO) provides support in implementing and optimising logistics for charitable projects all over the world, acting as an interface between non-profit organisations, logistics companies and research institutes.

SwissLeg offers affordable artificial limbs to amputees in the developing world by producing comfortably fitted prosthetic legs which combine an innovative design with a simple and fast manufacturing process using readily available, light, and durable materials.

Jacques Perler   PHOTOGRAPHER:  "Excellent knowledge of photography technique, communication with customers, location inspection, the ability to plan logistics, post-production of the best shots."