Learning How to Carry Out Empirical Research

This course aims – primarily – at transferring the basic and most important knowledge on conducting empirical research. This means that students should be brought into a position in which they are able to conduct an empirical research project by themselves. Thus, the major part of this course can be seen as a training ground for the students’ master theses. However, the course also aims at helping students to “make sense” of statistics. Making sense of statistics is a particularly important aspect of empirical research. However, not only typical statistical fallacies will be addressed in this course, but also the topic of how use and to interpret multivariate methods and results. Beyond these “quantitative” aspects of the course, qualitative research methods will also be presented.



How to get started with a research project;

Data collection for quantitative studies;

Results interpretation and presentation;

Introduction to qualitative research;

Connection between theory and empirics.