Master of Advanced Studies
in Humanitarian Logistics and Management


Jim Hines


Jim Hines taught system dynamics at MIT for a dozen years before becoming a full-time consultant at Astute Systems Dynamics.  While at MIT, Jim created the System Dynamics Distance Program (now at WPI). Jim’s consulting interest is weaving the system dynamics viewpoint into an organization’s managerial fabric. Jim has consulted for organizations in North America, Europe, South America and Africa in a broad range of industries including electronics, aerospace, shipbuilding, finance, software, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, law, government, publishing, and finance. Jim is a past president of the System Dynamics Society.

Jim holds a Ph.D. from MIT (system dynamics), an MBA from Univ. of Chicago (finance and statistics), and a from B.A. Amherst College (English and anthropology).

Jim Hines teaches System Dynamics in our HLM programs.


Jim Hines - System Dynamics class